Why the Book of Romans Will Blow Your Mind!

Watch the following video by Answers in Genesis Canada about the amazing book of Romans. The book of Romans has some incredible gems that many Christians are unaware of, especially when it comes to explaining salvation. Christians have been commissioned to share the good news about the greatest treasure attainable (salvation) with non-believers by showing […]

“The Great Face Off” – Jack Hibbs

Listen to the following episode of the Real Life with Jack Hibbs show titled The Great Face Off. There will be a day when each of us will meet God face-to-face, whether we believe in Him or not. Today, we must face the reality that God exists and that He desires a personal relationship with […]

Are You Sure God Knows You? Message by Jack Hibbs

Are you sure God knows you? Are you sure you are saved? Have you ever come to a point in you life where you have come to realisation and admitted that you are sinner in need of salvation, believed in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and committed (and confessed) your life to Jesus Christ? Listen […]

How Do I Get To Heaven?

How do I get to Heaven? Find out what the Bible teaches us about this and how you can have certainty about going to Heaven. Click here to find out how to be saved and be sure that you are going to Heaven. For more posts such as these, please follow us by subscribing to our […]

Gospel Message in 5 minutes

Do you know whether or not you are going to Heaven when you die? Take a 5 minute break and watch the below presentation to consider the most important question in life. Help us share the good news of Jesus Christ by sharing this post with as many people as possible. Now the eleven disciples went […]

Will you be going to Heaven?

If you die today, will you be going to Heaven? If you don’t know, watch one, or all of, the three messages by Pastor Jack Hibbs (Calvary Chapel Chino Hills), which forms part of his Futures series. If you have surety of your salvation, these messages will act as encouragement to your faith. Cannot watch […]