10 Differences between The Church and Israel – Olivier Melnick

Did the Church replace Israel as God’s chosen people? Listen to this 2-part series by Olivier Melnick (New Antisemitism) as he highlights at least 10 differences between the Church and Israel, and why the Church will never replace Israel in God’s program. To hear more from: Olivier Melnick; please visit New Antisemitism website or his YouTube channel. Click here to find […]

‘The Rapture This Week? by Tom Hughes and Olivier Melnick

Could the rapture happen next week during Rosh Hashanna?  Listen to Tom Hughes (Hope for Our Times) and Olivier Melnick (New Antisemitism) discuss Rosh Hashanna and the rapture. To hear more from: Tom Hughes; please visit Hope for Our Times Rumble and YouTube channel. Olivier Melnick; please visit New Antisemitism website or his YouTube channel. Click here to find out […]