‘Wired: The Digital Revolution’ by Jan Markell and Nathan Jones (3 Sep 2021)

Wired: The Digital Revolution. Listen to an interesting conversation on Understanding the Times Radio with Jan Markell and guest Nathan Jones. Jan Markell talks to Nathan Jones for the hour about the connection between technology and Bible prophecy. Half the world’s population are “connected.” How is this setting the stage for the Antichrist and beast technology? How is it […]

Unmasking the Great Reset

If you have not seen our previous blog post about The Great Reset (click here to see it), below is a 7 minute video summarizing its main objectives. What does this mean for the believer? What does it mean for those left behind after the Rapture? For more information on the Great Reset from the […]

Digital Revolution: Advantages and Dangers

We are well into a digital revolution. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these technological advancements? How can Christians use technology for the glory and service unto the Lord, and when does it become a distraction or an addiction? Listen to Jan Markell as she talks to Nathan Jones for the hour about the […]