Examine Yourself – Jack Hibbs

Examine Yourself. Listen to a message by Pastor Jack Hibbs. There are lots of tests we take in this world, but the greatest is the one we take to know if we are walking in faith: self-examination. Tune in to learn how to personally examine your faith. Real Life with Jack Hibbs Click here to find […]

Real Life with Jack Hibbs: Why? Why? Why?

Real Life with Jack Hibbs: Why? Why? Why? When things seem out of our control, the question we most often stop to ask is: Why? If we aren’t careful, this desire to know everything will breed doubt in our minds. Pastor Jack discusses how to walk in faith when we don’t have all the answers. Real […]

‘Have Faith’ by JD Farag (Hebrews 11:1-3)

Join Pastor JD Farag as he does a verse by verse Bible study on Hebrews 11:1-3. He titled the message: Have Faith. To hear more from: JD Farag, please visit his YouTube channel or his website. Click here to find out how to be saved and be sure that you are going to Heaven. For more posts such as these, and to continue […]