‘Angels and Demons & The Minor Prophets’ by David Guzik

Angels and Demons & The Minor Prophets.  Listen to a teaching by David Guzik (Enduring Word) in the Abide Series. To hear more from: David Guzik, please visit his YouTube channel or the website of his ministry, Enduring Word (for more information about his ministry, please see Uni4M’s post titled “Enduring Word“). Click here to find out how to be saved and be sure […]

‘Bible Questions and Answers’ by David Guzik (2 Sep 2021)

Bible Questions and Answers. Listen to Pastor David Guzik (Enduring Word Ministry) answer this and many other questions in this video. Some of the other questions answered in this episode are (list courtesy from David Guzik’s YouTube Channel): Can you explain the differences in 1 Chronicles 21:1 and 2 Samuel 24:1? Was it the anger of the Lord or […]

Near Death Experiences by Dr. Gary Habermas

Almost everyone has heard of accounts of near death experiences (NDE). What is the Christian response and Biblical opinion about this? Dr. Gary Habermas gives a Tactical Faith Lecture on the validity of near death experiences as possible proof against naturalism. Lecture was given at Southeastern Bible College. Tactical Faith YouTube channel Dr. Gary Habermas […]

Ghosts and Haunted Houses by Dr Phil Fernandes

Do ghosts exist? And what about haunted houses? What is the Biblical perspective on this topic? Listen to an opinon on this topic by Dr Phil Fernandes from the Institute of Biblical Defense. For more from Dr Phil Fernandes, please see our post on the Institute of Biblical Defense. Click here to find out how to be […]

Belief in UFOs and Aliens vs God

More peolple now believe in UFOs and aliens rather than God. Could this form part of a new world religion? Or could this be part of the explanation offered to those left behind after the rapture? Listen to Jan Markell (Olive Tree Ministries)  and Billy Crone as they discuss this topic. Click here to find out how […]