The Line Up with Barry Stagner (31 Mar 2022)

Listen to The Line Up with Barry Stagner (Calvary Chapel Tustin) where he addresses current issues pertaining to Bible prophecy. Line Up Summary: Terror attacks continue in Israel, Disney Exec Producer admits animation Used for LQBTQ indoctrination, US Navy Deploys electronic attack jets to Europe, millions more chickens and turkeys killed because of US bird flu epidemic. […]

The Great Reset: Happening Now with Jack Hibbs and Charlie Kirk (March 2022)

Listen to the latest Happening Now installment with Jack Hibbs, from Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, and Charlie Kirk, founder and Executive Director of Turning Point USA, as they discuss current events in light of Scripture. For more content from: Jack Hibbs; visit the Calvary Chapel Chino Hills website, Real Life with Jack Hibbs YouTube channel, or his personal website. Charlie Kirk; […]

The Days Of Reckoning – Tom Hughes and Pete Garcia

The Days Of Reckoning. Listen to Tom Hughes and Pete Garcia discuss current events in light of Scripture. Click here to find out how to be saved and be sure that you are going to Heaven. For more posts such as these, and to continue receiving resources from a Christian perspective, especially in times of increased censorship (see […]