‘A Word to the Wives’ by Barry Stagner

A Word to the Wives. Listen to Pastor Barry Stagner teach on this topic. “Husbands are to serve their wives with a heart attitude of sacrificial love like that of Jesus for the church. The wife is not to show blind submission or indiscriminately obey just anything a capricious husband demands. When a husband abuses the wife […]

‘The Godly Marriage’ by Dr. Phil Fernandes

The Godly Marriage. Listen to Dr Phil Fernandes from the Institute of Biblical Defense teaching through the book of Ephesians. For more from Dr Phil Fernandes, please see our post on the Institute of Biblical Defense. Click here to find out how to be saved and be sure that you are going to Heaven. For more posts such as these, and to […]

Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family is a global Christian ministry dedicated to helping families thrive. We provide help and resources for couples to build healthy marriages that reflect God’s design, and for parents to raise their children according to morals and values grounded in biblical principles.We’re here to come alongside families with relevance and grace at […]