Hymn & Lyrics: Holy, Holy, Holy

Holy, holy, holy!Lord God Almighty!Early in the morningour song shall rise to Thee;Holy, holy, holy!merciful and mighty!God in three Persons,blessed Trinity. Holy, holy, holy!all the saints adore Thee,Casting down their golden crownsaround the crystal sea;Cherubim and seraphimfalling down before Thee,Who wast, and art,and evermore shalt be. Holy, holy, holy!tho’ the darkness hide Thee,Tho’ the eye […]

Reawaken Hymns

Whether you are looking for worship music for your Church, for your home Bible study group or for your personal time of praise and worship, Reawaken Hymns have you covered. Reawaken Hymns is a worship resource by Nathan Drake. For more information about this ministry, please read the below excerpt from their website. The classic […]