“The Great Face Off” – Jack Hibbs

Listen to the following episode of the Real Life with Jack Hibbs show titled The Great Face Off. There will be a day when each of us will meet God face-to-face, whether we believe in Him or not. Today, we must face the reality that God exists and that He desires a personal relationship with […]

Appointed to Die: Worldly vs Biblical View of Death

Appointed to Die: Worldly vs Biblical View of Death. Topical teaching discussing the reality that each of us face the moment we are born, which is death. This teaching will look into some of the differences regarding how life and death are viewed and valued from a worldly and biblical perspective, while examining the Scriptures […]

‘A Voice from Hell’ – John MacArthur

A Voice from Hell. Listen to Pastor John MacArthur teach on this topic. To hear more from John MacArthur: Please visit Grace to You’s YouTube channel or The Grace to You Website. Click here to find out how to be saved and be sure that you are going to Heaven. For more posts such as these, please follow us by subscribing […]