Bema Seat of Christ – Encouragement for Believers

Is the idea of heavenly rewards Biblical? Listen to the following messages about the Bema judgement seat, which may encourage you in your walk and your service to the Lord. The following messages are from Amir Tsarfati (Behold Israel) and Jan Markell (Olive Tree Ministries), featuring Dr. Mark Hitchcock. The Bema Seat of Christ … Continue reading Bema Seat of Christ – Encouragement for Believers

Core Christianity

Core Christianity is a ministry focusing on answering the difficult questions posed by believers as well as non-believers. This is yet another great ministry in response to the general poor Biblical knowledge and the general lack of a Christian worldview amongst believers, which is prevalent in the global Church today. Below is an excerpt from … Continue reading Core Christianity

Bible Reading Plans for 2021

After a turbulent and unpredictable 2020, which ushered in an era of unforeseen challenges and uncertainties, we would like to at least remove one uncertainty from your daily life. We have selected 5 different Bible reading plans that will guide you through Scripture in a period of 1 year. As we are all unique, we … Continue reading Bible Reading Plans for 2021 is another gem of a Biblical resource website that has been in existence for 19 years at the time of this post. On the ministry's website you are able to interact with 107 difference commentaries, 6 concordances, 27 dictionaries and 8 encyclopedias under the section titled Bible Study Tools. You can also freely … Continue reading

Living Way Christian Fellowship

Living Way Christian Fellowship is one of the many testimonies of how God calls and use ordinary people to do extraordinary things for His kingdom. Pastor David Zamora is the senior pastor of this congregation. Watch his inspiring testimony in the below YouTube video. Things That Matter: David Zamora, From Gang Life to Life … Continue reading Living Way Christian Fellowship

The Bible Project

Do you enjoy visual explanations or story telling to understand a specific topic? What if sections of the Bible was explained visually in its proper context? If you said yes to either of the two questions, then The Bible Project is a resource you will find interesting. Bible Project states that their mission is … Continue reading The Bible Project

Free Course Lectures: Fundamentals of Expository Preaching The Master's Seminary made lectures of one of their Masters of Divinity courses available free of charge. The course available for free viewing is Fundamentals of Expository Preaching. The course is presented by John MacArthur and Steven Lawson. John MacArthur, founder of Master's Seminary, defines Expository preaching as follows: The message finds its sole … Continue reading Free Course Lectures: Fundamentals of Expository Preaching

Educating Our World Don Stewart is a prominent Christian apologist and Bible teacher. He regularly speaks on current events in respect of Bible prophecy. He also hosts a daily news update called Breaking News which is hosted on HisChannel. He recently launched a new website for the ministry Educating Our World where he has made a library … Continue reading Educating Our World

Youth Apologetics Training

The Youth Apologetics Training ministry focuses on pertinent topics in culture, which includes issues such as creation/evolution, science and the Bible, Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, the New Age Movement, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, witchcraft (including wica), Mormonism, Jehova's Witnesses, the Unification Church, Christian Science, Scientology, Word of Faith, and the New Apostolic Reformation. Founder of Youth Apologetics … Continue reading Youth Apologetics Training

Behold Israel Amir Tsarfati was born in Israel and has lived there most of his life. Since fulfilling his mandatory service in the Israeli Defense Force, he has continued as a major in the IDF Reserve. Amir has been a tour guide in Israel for the last twenty years, and served as chief tour guide of … Continue reading Behold Israel