Why the Book of Romans Will Blow Your Mind!

Watch the following video by Answers in Genesis Canada about the amazing book of Romans. The book of Romans has some incredible gems that many Christians are unaware of, especially when it comes to explaining salvation. Christians have been commissioned to share the good news about the greatest treasure attainable (salvation) with non-believers by showing […]

Message from United for the Messiah – Restart

Dear fellow believers in Jesus Christ. Please listen to the following message by the United for the Messiah (Uni4M) ministry. If you would like to join our community of likeminded believers, please subscribe to our website and YouTube channel. Please invite other like minded believers in following this ministry and becoming part of a community […]

“The Great Face Off” – Jack Hibbs

Listen to the following episode of the Real Life with Jack Hibbs show titled The Great Face Off. There will be a day when each of us will meet God face-to-face, whether we believe in Him or not. Today, we must face the reality that God exists and that He desires a personal relationship with […]

Who is the Antichrist and where did he come from?

Listen to a portion of a teaching by Pastor Jack Hibbs on the topic of the Antichrist titled Who is the Antichrist and where did he come from? For more content from: Jack Hibbs; visit the Calvary Chapel Chino Hills website, Real Life with Jack Hibbs YouTube channel, or his personal website. Click here to find out how to […]

Interview with David Guzik (18 July 2022)

Listen to an interview with Pastor David Guzik recorded at the Calvary Tucson’s Annual Southwest Pastors and Leaders Conference a few months back. His interview was on prophecy: our future rewards in Heaven, the antichrist, the return of Jesus Christ, and the millennial kingdom. Click here to find out how to be saved and be sure […]