“What is Marriage in the Eyes of God?” And other Q&A with David Guzik (18 August 2022)

Listen to the questions and answers session with Pastor David Guzik, where he deals with the opening question, “What is Marriage in the Eyes of God?”. Other questions that were posed in the chatline and answered in this session are listed below.

  • Are the curses of Genesis 3 no longer in effect, or just the curses that Moses talked about so extensively?
  • What is the difference between sin, abomination and defilement?
  • I’m divorced from my ex-wife. I wanted to get back with her but she wouldn’t. I finally moved on with my life and then she wanted to get back together. I’m engaged to someone else now. Your thoughts?
  • My brother died. He was divorced and remarried. My sister-in-law wants to know what happens if she dies: will he recognize her as his wife in heaven and will they be together?
  • Can a divorced woman marry another man again?
  • Would the new marriage be approved or blessed by God?
  • Can we marry someone from other faith?
  • Regarding the curse of Genesis 3, will there ever be a time in history women can have kids without pain?
  • During the Tribulation it says the days will be shortened. Will the 24-hour day be shortened?
  • What are your thoughts about the Pentecostal denomination?
  • What was the point in Caesar Augustus requiring registration for everyone (including Joseph and Mary) in Luke 2?
  • Why did God want to stop Balaam, who wanted to curse Israel?
  • I feel called to the ministry. Do you believe one has to ALWAYS be anointed by elders before stepping into being a pastor?
What is “Marriage in the Eyes of God”? – And other Q&A for August 18, 2022

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