Ask Me Anything!  Q&A by David Guzik (18 Nov 2021)

Ask Me Anything?  Listen to Pastor David Guzik (Enduring Word Ministry) answer this and many other questions in this video. Some of the other questions answered in this episode are (list courtesy from David Guzik’s YouTube Channel):

  • What is our position in heaven as kings reigning for eternity? ​
  • Is Jeremiah 31:31 a good verse for a Jewish person to hear?
  • How can I believe that ALL of scripture was Holy Spirit breathed? ​
  • Is listening to secular music a sin?
  • What is the book of Jasher? ​
  • What do you think about extrapolating scripture in fictional form?
  • Do you believe that the Jews as a race/nation have a place in Biblical prophecy in the “end times?”
  • What do you think about the recent reports of a “Red Heifer” being developed in Texas for use in the coming temple? ​
  • Being a christian nurse, is it right to have participation in self assisited dying for my patient? ​
  • How should Christ followers celebrate His birth? ​
  • How was it that there were Nephilim after the flood? ​
  • When praying for unsaved children, is it Biblical to ‘cover them with the blood of Jesus’ or to ‘claim their soul for God’? ​
  • Could you explain the “Song of Ascents”, how were these songs used in ancient Israel?
  • ​How did God “pour” out His wrath on Jesus while He was on the cross? ​
  • What does it ACTUALLY mean that God created man “in the likeness of God”?
  • Can a believer forfeit their salvation?
  • How is it that are prayers are helpful to “prodigals” if they are given free will to make their decisions?
  • ​Is it bad to not always worship first thing in the morning ? ​
  • What do you think about vaccination for 12 years children?
Ask Me Anything! Q&A for November 18, 2021 – David Guzik

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