Who Made God? And Other Q&A by David Guzik (7 Oct 2021)

Who Made God? Listen to Pastor David Guzik (Enduring Word Ministry) answer this and many other questions in this video. Some of the other questions answered in this episode are (list courtesy from David Guzik’s YouTube Channel):

  • Please compare and contrast Ransom Theory/Christus Victor with Penal Substitutionary Atonement and explain why you prefer one over the other?
  • Wasn’t it against the Roman law for the Jewish leaders to stone Stephen to death?
  • How old is the universe? Is the universe 14 billion years old and did the big bang start it?
  • Can you explain the word Elohim?
  • Why did the archangel Michael and Satan argue about Moses’ body?
  • We all know Jesus is the Word, but what exactly does that mean?
  • How is conviction from God different from condemnation from Satan in daily life when we sin?
  • In Matthew 6:10, what does It mean when we pray “Thy Kingdom Come”?
  • What are some examples that we as Christians, can or should do to “bear fruit”?
  • Why did Joshua tell Israel that they wouldn’t be forgiven of sin and couldn’t follow the LORD in Joshua 24:19?
Who Made God? – Q&A for October 7, 2021

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Header Image by Enduring Word.

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