‘Serving God in Changing Times’ by Martyn Iles

Serving God in Changing Times. Listen to an interesting talk by Martyn Iles.

The outcome of the pandemic is by no means certain. It turns out one thing people were hoping wouldn’t be true, is true – the virus isn’t going anywhere.

The main question on my lips is how does it end, how do we get out of this? I think WA (where this message was filmed), might just be happy to lock themselves away forever. Is that the plan?

But here’s the interesting thing, the Doherty Institute’s Model which was government commissioned says when 80% of the population is vaccinated, there will still be restrictions; a 2 metre square rule, 75% stadium capacities, limited overseas travel, testing, tracing and isolating. And at 80% vaccination they say there will be 280,000 cases in the first 6 months, resulting in 2,000 patients in intensive care and a thousand deaths – over 400 of whom will have been fully vaccinated.

I’ll level with you, I haven’t the foggiest idea how governments like WA, QLD and others with a zero case covid strategy, transitions to that. That would be a level of political genius that has never been pulled off before. Because, here’s the thing – people are very afraid of Covid, they really are.

There was a poll done by a reputable company asking people to rate their chances of dying from Covid if they got it. The average response was 38%! That’s as bad as Ebola. The actual case fatality rate of Delta in Australia is 0.4% – that’s not me pretending to be a scientist, that’s just the data.

But what that tells me, if nothing else is that there’s a lot of fear out there. What that tells me if nothing else, is that you’re going to have a problem with wise solutions, in the light of that kind of fear.

These days there is a lot of fear, but there’s not just fear of the virus, but a lot of people are concerned about things, for example, mandatory vaccination. What do we do then if we’re somebody who has an issue with the vaccine? Another big area of concern is, is it right to give the government so much power? What about the financial debt our children will have to carry?

Now I say all of this to make the point, the fear is real, and I think some of the concerns people are raising are actually relatively rational. But I also want to make the point, there is a lot of uncertainty. I don’t think any of us know how this ends.

However, we must remember that God is at work everywhere and we must never lose faith in that.

– Martyn Iles

ACL – Australian Christian Lobby
Serving God in Changing Times – Martyn Iles

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