‘Does the Order of Fossils Match Evolutionary Theory?’ by Dr. Kurt Wise

Does the Order of Fossils Match Evolutionary Theory?

Continuing on their trek through the Pocket Wilderness of Tennessee, Del Tackett and paleontologist Kurt Wise discuss the order in which major groups of fossil organisms first appear in the fossil record. While most do not first appear in the order expected by evolutionary theory, the order of fossil plants appear to do so. Dr. Wise argues that not only can the global Flood of Noah’s time also explain the order of fossil plants, but that it can explain it better. Dr. Wise earned his BA in geology from the University of Chicago, and his MA and PhD degrees in paleontology from Harvard University. He founded and directed the Center for Origins Research at Bryan College and taught biology there for 17 years. He then led the Center for Theology and Science at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for 3 years, before founding and directing the Center for Creation Research and teaching biology at Truett McConnell University for the last 7 years. His fieldwork has included research in early Flood rocks in the Death Valley region, late Flood rocks in Wyoming, and post-Flood caves in Tennessee. For more information on Dr. Kurt Wise, please go to https://bit.ly/2zUN3U9.

Is Genesis History?
Does the Order of Fossils Match Evolutionary Theory? – Dr. Kurt Wise

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Header Photo by Marcus Lange from Pexels

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