Does the Devil Know My Thoughts? And Other Q&A by Pastor Miles DeBenedictis (12 Aug 2021)

Does the Devil Know My Thoughts? Listen to Pastor Miles DeBenedictis answer this and many other questions in this video. The other questions answered in this episode are (list courtesy from David Guzik’s YouTube Channel):

  • Does the devil know my thoughts?
  • Why couldn’t the prophet Ezekiel warn the Jews earlier about the next invasion of Jerusalem?
  • Why is the book of Daniel not included in the “prophets” section of the Hebrew bible but instead is in the “writings” section?
  • Who was Darius the Mede?
  • Do Jews today not regard Daniel as a prophet? Does 2 Thes 2,11-12 teach that those who continue rejecting the gospel and are left behind after the rapture will not have another opportunity to be saved?
  • Do we get saved by accepting Christ into ur hearts, or is it God who chooses those who are saved?
  • Did the tribulation/70th week of Daniel start with the Abraham accord signings?
  • Why does Jacob get the nod over Esau?
  • What is our responsibility to the mentally challenged to share the gospel? ​
  • Will the mark of the beast come after the rapture and what do you think that will be?
  • Who are the beast and the false prophet?
  • Do you believe in a literally 1000 year reign?
Does the Devil Know My Thoughts? And Other Q&A by Pastor Miles DeBenedictis (12 Aug 2021)

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 Header Photo by David Guzik’s YouTube Channel

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