Pre-Tribulation: Is this Theory only 200 Years old? And other Q&A by David Guzik (4 Mar 2021)

Pre-Tribulation: Is this Theory only 200 Years old?  Listen to Pastor David Guzik (Enduring Word Ministry) answer this and many other questions in this video. The other questions answered in this episode are (list courtesy from David Guzik’s YouTube Channel):

  • Why would God bring the Jewish people into 7 years of such a terrible time before they repent? 23:43
  • Will the Bible be banned during the Great Tribulation? 26:05
  • Is a Christian better off because of Adam’s sin? 27:18
  • How can we keep saying that we are in the “Last Days” if Jesus hasn’t come yet? 30:37
  • Did God create the Earth in 6 literal, 24-hour days? 33:45
  • Can you recommend some books on the end times and prophecy? 37:51
  • What is the relationship between being filled with the Holy Spirit and the baptism of the Holy Spirit? 39:02
  • Is the rapture of the Church the second coming of Jesus and His coming at Armageddon the third coming of Jesus? 42:07
  • Was it possible for dinosaurs and humans to live at the same time? 45:31
  • Did Paul write the letter of Hebrews? Who did? 51:52
  • How does one grow in the gift of prophecy? 54:28
  • What advice is there for older people who want to serve the Lord but can’t do as much as they used to? 55:28
  • What is the difference between “created” and “begotten?” 57:35
  • Is it God’s will for people to get sick or suffer? 35:53
Pre-Tribulation: Is this theory only 200 years old? Q&A by David Guzik

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 Header Image by Enduring Word.

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