Christian Philosophy of Education

What does the Bible say about education? How should Christians approach the education of our children? How involved should Christian parents be in the education of their children? What should you consider when deciding on method of schooling for your children (public schooling, private schooling or homeschooling)?

Listen to a 2 part lecture by Dr Phil Fernandes (Institute of Biblical Defense) on the topic Christian Philosophy of Education. Although the audio quality is not great, these lectures illustrates the invaluable Biblical perspective on education.

Due to varying personal situations, available schools and curricula offered, there is no “one size fits all” recommendation. We advise you to prayerfully consider the Biblical perspectives, in conjunction with your individual situation, when making decisions regarding the education of your children.

A Christian Philosophy of Education (Part 1) – Dr Phil Fernandes
A Christian Philosophy of Education (Part 2) – Dr Phil Fernandes

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