What’s the Difference Between Hell and Hades? And other Q&A by David Guzik (1 Jul 2021)

What’s the difference between Hell and Hades? Listen to Pastor David Guzik (Enduring Word Ministry) answer this and many other questions in this video. The other questions answered in this episode are (list courtesy from David Guzik’s YouTube Channel):

  • What are your interpretations of what the Bible says about these matters of the End Times? 22:23
  • Can a person who practices homosexuality that believe in Jesus go to Heaven? 28:25
  • What does it mean for Jesus to be forsaken? Did Jesus experience God’s wrath in His soul? 33:05
  • How did they eat the fish that Jesus multiplied? Did they eat it raw or cook it on the spot? 38:16
  • Is it wrong to declare God’s promises for myself daily as I give Him thanks? How is that different than the word of faith movement? 40:18
  • Could singing songs like “God Bless America” in church, be a bad idea? 43:26
  • Who is the bobblehead on your shelf? 47:02
  • If we are dead to the law, does that mean we should not really concentrate on the Old Testament as believers? 48:05
  • Is Philip in Acts 8 the same Philip as the one in Acts 12 and is the same one as the one who preached to the Ethiopian? 49:40
  • How historical is Matt 27:53, where there were some who came out of their tombs at the death of Jesus? 50:22
  • If Jesus was only sinless individual, then what about Mary? 54:07
  • Please explain 2 Kings 2:1 – what does the word “heaven” in the original language mean? 56:16
What’s the difference between Hell and Hades? Q&A with David Guzik

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 Header Image by Enduring Word.

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