Censorship on the Rise! Be informed, Follow Us!

Censorship of opposing opinions to those of the mainstream and secular media are on the rise! We are witnessing censorship of opposing views on topics such as Covid-19 vaccinations, Covid-19 alternative medical treatments, political ideology, climate change and globalism (including those of qualified professionals and experts in their respective fields). We have also witnessed, and continue to see, the censorship (at times subtle, at times blatant) of conservative Christian pastors, teachers and leaders (see one of our past posts). Watch the below video to get some context on the current situation regarding censorship.

Facebook Admits 185M Cases of Censorship, Biden Amin Wants More – CBN News

By only getting one opinion on any topic should be a great concern for all of us. Do you want to receive news updates from a Biblical perspective? Would you prefer to have the option of listening to a conservative evangelical Christian perspective on world events, news and debates? If you answered yes to any of the above, please heed our call to action below.

United for the Messiah’s Call to Action. Follow our website to continually receive Christian content and opinions, even if it is banned, throttled and limited on mainstream media and Big Tech platforms. Hit the “Follow” button to subscribe to our website via email. On a desktop computer; the subscribe button is on the right hand side of the article. On a mobile device; the subscribe button is at the bottom of the article.

Share this post and website with as many people as possible. Do this via e-mail, social media platforms (while we still have the ability and some remaining freedom), church bulletins, web-links to our site, etc. In the future, this ministry may be an even greater blessing to those seeking the Truth, encouragement and solid Bible teaching.

We encourage you to browse our website and email us your feedback, in order for us to continuously improve our ministry, while sharing the Truth.

Header Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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