Nonchalant Christianity Podcast – Introduction

Listen to the introductory episode for the Nonchalant Christianity podcast.

Below is a description and aim of the podcast.

The Nonchalant Christianity podcast is hosted by founder, Jeandre Fourie, and focuses on Hermeneutical and Fundamental topics always keeping it Christ-centered and in Context. It brings us much joy to bring people to a solid biblical understanding of  the the Word of God by education and encouragement, taking folk from a place of apathy, to living transformed lives for Jesus Christ. We seek to have guests with the same passions as we do, and that is to “call the Nonchalant (apathetic and disinterested) Christian back to a true Born-Again relationship with the Father, through the Son and the Holy Spirit”. Our passion is to expound the depths of the Scriptures and apply it to our daily lives through faith.

For more resources by Jeandre Fourie, please visit his website at

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