First Audiobook by Don Stewart – God wants us to know the future: An introduction to Bible Prophecy

Educating our World and Don Stewart released their first complete audiobook, narrated by Don Stewart himself. The title of the book: God wants us to know the future – An introduction to Bible Prophecy (Author: Don Stewart).

Audio books are great to listen to while driving or doing your chores around the house. Listen to the featured book at the following link:

God wants us to know the future – An introduction to Bible Prophecy

“Don Stewart is an internationally recognized Christian apologist and speaker. He graduated cum laude from Talbot Theological Seminary and the International Seminar in Theology and Law in Strasbourg, France, as well as from Biola University. Don is also a best-selling and award-winning author/co-author of over seventy books. His various writings have been translated into over thirty different languages and have sold over a million copies. Don has traveled around the world proclaiming and staunchly defending the Christian faith.”

To read more books from Don Stewart, visit the Educating our World website where you can download all his e-books at no cost!

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