Open Doors

Open Doors is an international non-profit ministry that endeavors to support and strengthen persecuted Christians around the world. As this is an international ministry, Open Doors have ministries spread out in 25 countries around the World. In this blog post we will link to Open Doors South Africa, however, if you are from another country you can access another branch of their ministry from the Open Doors International website.

Open Doors South Africa‘s mission statement is as follows:

To strengthen and equip the body of Christ living under or facing restriction and persecution because of their faith in Jesus Christ, and to encourage their involvement in world evangelism by:

1. Providing Bibles and literature, media, leadership training, socioeconomic development and through intercessory prayer;

2. Preparing the body of Christ living in threatened or unstable areas to face persecution and suffering; and

3. Educating and mobilising the body of Christ living in the free world to identify with threatened and persecuted Christians and to be actively involved in assisting them.

We do so because we believe when one member suffers, all members suffer with that member (1 Corinthians 12:26), all doors are open and God enables His Body to go into the entire world and to preach the Gospel.

Open Doors delivers Bibles and other Christian literature, visits persecuted Christians to encourage them, disciple and train persecuted Christians and leaders, advocates for persecuted Christians and supports victims of persecution in practical ways in over 60 countries. Visit their website to learn more about the persecuted Church around the World and find out how you can support this ministry.

Open Doors World Watchlist 2020

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