Quick Overview of Uni4M.org

Welcome to the homepage of the United for the Messiah ministry. Whether you are a mature born-again believer in Jesus Christ, a new believer, or someone that is searching for answers, we are confident that you will find valuable resources on this website.

Our vision is to be a one stop resource hub for free solid conservative evangelical Christian resources; this is both how wide and narrow we wish to define the scope of the ministry. As we are one universal Church at the end of the day, we are United for the Messiah through the same Holy Spirit that indwells all believers.

The two main sections of our site are explain below:

  1. Home Page
    • Here we add brief overviews of other ministries and resource websites in a blog format.
  2. Free Library
    • Explore this section to find free resources to help you grow in your faith. Our current goal is to link a video Bible Study to every chapter of every book of the Bible (Through the Bible Studies); in other words, you will be able to watch a video commentary explaining each chapter of the Bible, as and when you require it.
    • We also aim to grow our Apologetics, Prophecy, Testimonies and Topical Study sections of the Video Library.

We also have a search function where you can search for a specific term if you are looking for a resource in a hurry. If you simply want to browse through available resources, our Browse page is the place for you.

If you have any comments, suggestions for improvements, or requests for resources to a specific topic, please contact us via our Contact page.

Hope you are blessed by these great resources.

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